Promoting giftedness as pedagogic vision

In the 21st century one of the main cornerstones of schools is the promotion of giftedness and the highly gifted, starting in the early years of kindergarten up to secondary education and beyond.

The TIBI team, with scientific background as well as practice in teaching and coaching, address the pedagogic challenges of this topic.

The aim is to discover every child’s and adolescent’s potential in their specific environment and to support the gifted in developing and realizing their potentials. In this sense promoting giftedness can be understood as an instrument to support them in constructing their own life in a sensible way. 


Profile development
at the private University College for Teacher Education of Christian Churches –
KPH Vienna/Krems

Since October 2007 the experiences of and initiatives taken by TIBI have influenced and continue to contribute to the KPH’s profile.

Educational work entitled to person-centered promotion of giftedness and focused on individual capabilities and needs of all students requires specific knowledge, skills and attitudes. These are guaranteed through a wide range of continuous teacher training courses that aim at the professionalization and further development of competences of teachers.


Value orientation and sense of community

TIBI’s aim is not only the promotion of highly gifted children and adolescence but it also takes into consideration how the adolescents’ potentials can contribute to social cohesion.

Besides the pedagogical focal point on intellectual potentials, which are in demand on the labor market, TIBI also focuses on promoting social, musical-creative and philosophical potentials.

It is the aim to foster all gifts of young people in a way that their potentials contribute to a common good in line with not only the institute’s name and Latin innuendo TIBI, “for you”, but also NOBIS, “for us”.


The religious – ethical – philosophical dimension of education

The aspiration of a holistic approach to the promotion of giftedness comprises continuous research into all aspects of giftedness. This includes a special focus on the religious-ethical-philosophical dimension of education, which is established in the Jewish-Christian worldview and sees every human being as unique.

A longing for meaning in one’s life, the development of visions, the need to put one’s life into a greater and purposeful context and the search for a valid world orientation are essential parts of every human being and should be considered together with the principles of the promotion of giftedness. 


What we offer for educators and schools

  • Continuous teacher training courses in the area of promoting giftedness and the highly gifted
  • Master’s course in gifted education (Master of Arts)
  • ECHA diploma courses (30 ECTS)
  • Reference library
  • Teacher training courses at schools upon request
  • Teacher consultation in the area of promoting giftedness and the highly gifted
  • Coaching for teachers promoting giftedness
  • Support and guidance for projects in the area of promoting giftedness and the highly gifted
  • Organisation and implementation of gifted projects
  • Research and publications

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